About Us

The Ross Preschool provides children with a nurturing, play-based, nature-oriented environment to encourage active exploration in all areas of child development: emotional, social, intellectual and physical.

the ross preschool at St. John;s Church
learning social skills

Our Location

Located in Marin County, in the heart of the Town of Ross, our school is set in the beautiful, historic St. John's Church. The Ross Preschool has been serving Ross residents and the greater community for over 30 years.

Our School

The Ross Preschool serves children aged three to five. The Caterpillar Room introduces the joys of learning to our younger students, while the Butterfly Room promotes a more focused learning environment to prepare our older students for kindergarten.

happy children playing outside

Our Philosophy

Childhood is a magical time of growth and curiosity. Children should be provided a safe and nurturing environment in which all feel respected, appreciated and cherished. It is important for children to have a positive and stimulating introduction to school, as this is the foundation for their future.

In a supportive environment, children develop positive self-esteem, learn self-control and gain independence and confidence. They experience pride and accomplishment, successes and failures, and learn to master their feelings.